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Meetup wrap-up: App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh interviewed

App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh advises iPhone app developers to get feedback from potential users before launching the app.

Meetup wrap-up: Startup Rockstars #10

Rock concert

Startup Rockstars featured six DC-area entrepreneurs pitching their web apps for music, podcasts, children's books, and more.

Whirlwind week of iSpeedShop demos

White Glove Apps Appshare on Meetup agenda

It's been an exciting, busy week for us! We did iSpeedShop demos at gatherings two nights in a row, and got great feedback.

Shopping with environmentally friendly bags

In recent years, reusable canvas shopping bags have become all the rage. Here are a few observations about using them.

Search engine optimization basics: The words you use

SEO depends on the words you use. Wordle is a fun way to see what your site is saying, so you can tell if your content is on target.

Is your startup built to last, or to sell?

Apartment building

Startups that are built to be acquired, not to last, may not be interested in developing & improving a viable product.

What women want in shopping: A review of She Means Business

She Means Business

How should companies market to women? By understanding their needs and rewards, and by saving them time. Those are three major points of She Means Business, by Grant J. Schneider of Time's magazine group.

Getting PR changes perceptions, not your business

Launch event for Google

There is just one effect of press that an entrepreneur shouldn't ignore: its effect on others' perception of your business.

The power of a daily routine

Yoga meditation

A routine is most powerful if you do it daily. Here's how I've been using Rootein to make sure I do relaxation breathing daily.

Recruitment done right: How to treat and hire job candidates

Recruiting the right people is key for any business. So why is unprofessional behavior accepted in this one business function?