Getting PR changes perceptions, not your business

Launch event for Google

There is just one effect of press that an entrepreneur shouldn't ignore: its effect on others' perception of your business.

I hate phones. So why am I thinking about buying a smartphone?

I never thought I’d say this, but I think I need a (sort-of) smartphone. One that I can use to send email without having to press each key three times.

The power of a daily routine

Yoga meditation

A routine is most powerful if you do it daily. Here's how I've been using Rootein to make sure I do relaxation breathing daily.

Recruitment done right: How to treat and hire job candidates

Recruiting the right people is key for any business. So why is unprofessional behavior accepted in this one business function?

Five entrepreneurial lessons in 54 hours: Startup Weekend DC 2010

I'm proud to say that our team, iSpeedShop, won the competition for our mobile shopping app! Here are five lessons I learned during the weekend.

Startup Weekend DC 10: Wow.

I am blown away by the commitment and skills of my team members: It's 1AM and we're still going strong.

Ten annoying status updates and how to fix them

Speech balloons

Annoyed by people's facebook status updates and twitter posts? Let's make them more polished and productive!

Shopping high and low: Upgrading and treasure hunting

Jewelry and boxes

It's not surprising that there are both upscale and low-price stores. What is surprising is that the same people now shop at both of them.

Shopping for college textbooks: 2010 vs. 1995

Amazon Kindle

Shopping for college textbooks has changed drastically from 1995 to 2010, thanks to the Internet and other technology. Here's how.

Intuitive, minimalist user interface design

While simple user interfaces can be good, they can also be counter-intuitive. Here are two examples.