Lean startups: Find the business' core, then build the periphery

Core and periphery

A lean startup business should find its core (business model), then build the structure (engineering) around it.

Women shop and men buy: Gender differences in shopping part 2

When you're a woman shopping, you buy things that will "turn you into other, idealized versions of yourself: That dress makes you beautiful..."

Men shop and women buy gadgets: Gender differences in shopping part 1

What Women Want: The Global Marketplace Turns Female Friendly by Paco Underhill

When it comes to technology, men shop and women buy: men browse, looking for something cool even if they may not need anything at the moment.

How to use the freemium model: Four lessons from my yoga instructor

Piggy bank

How can developers best use the freemium approach to their advantage? My substitute yoga instructor demonstrated a great technique.

How smart is your app? A smartphone app hierarchy

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

There is clearly no shortage of iPhone apps. But what kind of mobile applications are most worthwhile, either to develop or use?

ZumoDrive online storage review

ZumoDrive online storage

This week's blog post is a review of ZumoDrive on smartphone site Just Another Mobile Monday. ZumoDrive lets you sync files between your various devices, including smartphones, netbooks, and computers.

Cross-platform development options for smartphone apps

Apple iPhone4

Developers have been hindered by the need to develop an app from scratch for each smartphone platform. To address this, several cross-platform development tools have come out in the last year or two.

Why do entrepreneurs fall for network marketing scams?


Are aspiring entrepreneurs more likely to fall for these kind of network marketing scams than the population as a whole? Why do you think that is?

PR takes the perseverance of the crow

Crow pose in yoga, courtesy of @LottieEB

You're doing what the experts say, and it's just not working: you're not getting any press coverage. What should you do?

Suffering from smartphone withdrawal

No smartphone make me go crazy...

Before my new smartphone came, I was without one for about ten days. How did I survive?