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May 01 2011

How to refine your elevator pitch

To improve your elevator pitch, start with your value proposition, state your audience, listen to feedback, and remember the goal.

Feb 09 2011

Your customers have time- and attention-deficit disorder. Deal with it.

The 24-Hour Customer

Here's how to better design your products around customers' time- and attention-deficit disorder, from The 24-Hour Customer.

Oct 31 2010

Shopping with environmentally friendly bags

In recent years, reusable canvas shopping bags have become all the rage. Here are a few observations about using them.

Oct 10 2010

What women want in shopping: A review of She Means Business

How should companies market to women? By understanding their needs and rewards, and by saving them time. Those are three major points of She Means Business, by Grant J. Schneider of Time's magazine group.

Jul 31 2010

Shopping high and low: Upgrading and treasure hunting

It's not surprising that there are both upscale and low-price stores. What is surprising is that the same people now shop at both of them.

Jul 25 2010

Shopping for college textbooks: 2010 vs. 1995

Elyse's cultural anthropology textbook

Shopping for college textbooks has changed drastically from 1995 to 2010, thanks to the Internet and other technology. Here's how.

Jul 06 2010

Women shop and men buy: Gender differences in shopping part 2

When you're a woman shopping, you buy things that will "turn you into other, idealized versions of yourself: That dress makes you beautiful..."

Jun 27 2010

Men shop and women buy gadgets: Gender differences in shopping part 1

Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill

When it comes to technology, men shop and women buy: men browse, looking for something cool even if they may not need anything at the moment.