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Jul 10 2011

Creativity flourishes within constraints, from TV to iPhone apps

The Daily Show generates great material by working within a structure. The same works for iPhone apps and web sites.

May 01 2011

How to refine your elevator pitch

To improve your elevator pitch, start with your value proposition, state your audience, listen to feedback, and remember the goal.

Nov 30 2010

Meetup wrap-up: App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh interviewed

App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh advises iPhone app developers to get feedback from potential users before launching the app.

Nov 20 2010

Meetup wrap-up: Monetize your app this holiday!

The Washington iPhone/Android/Smartphone Developers meetup featured Millennial Media's mobile advertising platform, and more.

Nov 08 2010

Whirlwind week of iSpeedShop demos

App Savvy by Ken Yarmosh

It's been an exciting, busy week for us! We did iSpeedShop demos at gatherings two nights in a row, and got great feedback.

Sep 19 2010

I hate phones. So why am I thinking about buying a smartphone?

I never thought I’d say this, but I think I need a (sort-of) smartphone. One that I can use to send email without having to press each key three times.

Jul 18 2010

Intuitive, minimalist user interface design

While simple user interfaces can be good, they can also be counter-intuitive. Here are two examples.

Jun 06 2010

How smart is your app? A smartphone app hierarchy

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

There is clearly no shortage of iPhone apps. But what kind of mobile applications are most worthwhile, either to develop or use?

May 29 2010

ZumoDrive online storage review

ZumoDrive online storage

This week's blog post is a review of ZumoDrive on smartphone site Just Another Mobile Monday. ZumoDrive lets you sync files between your various devices, including smartphones, netbooks, and computers.

May 25 2010

Cross-platform development options for smartphone apps

Developers have been hindered by the need to develop an app from scratch for each smartphone platform. To address this, several cross-platform development tools have come out in the last year or two.

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