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Meetup wrap-up: Startup Rockstars #10

Rock concert

Startup Rockstars featured six DC-area entrepreneurs pitching their web apps for music, podcasts, children's books, and more.

Is your startup built to last, or to sell?

Apartment building

Startups that are built to be acquired, not to last, may not be interested in developing & improving a viable product.

Getting PR changes perceptions, not your business

Launch event for Google

There is just one effect of press that an entrepreneur shouldn't ignore: its effect on others' perception of your business.

Recruitment done right: How to treat and hire job candidates

Recruiting the right people is key for any business. So why is unprofessional behavior accepted in this one business function?

Five entrepreneurial lessons in 54 hours: Startup Weekend DC 2010

I'm proud to say that our team, iSpeedShop, won the competition for our mobile shopping app! Here are five lessons I learned during the weekend.

Lean startups: Find the business' core, then build the periphery

Core and periphery

A lean startup business should find its core (business model), then build the structure (engineering) around it.

PR takes the perseverance of the crow

Crow pose in yoga, courtesy of @LottieEB

You're doing what the experts say, and it's just not working: you're not getting any press coverage. What should you do?

Why I hate the term consumer

Here's what bothers me about the term consumer: it makes it sound like our only job as individuals is to sit on the couch watching TV (consuming media and electricity), eat fatty snacks (consuming "food"), and then throw away the wrappers.