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Jan 04 2011

Venture Capital Outlook 2011: Washington DC and beyond

See what venture capitalists said they think will happen in 2011 from this Mid-Atlantic panel discussion hosted by Potomac Tech.

Nov 30 2010

Meetup wrap-up: App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh interviewed

App Savvy author Ken Yarmosh advises iPhone app developers to get feedback from potential users before launching the app.

Oct 17 2010

Is your startup built to last, or to sell?

Startups that are built to be acquired, not to last, may not be interested in developing & improving a viable product.

Jul 10 2010

Lean startups: Find the business' core, then build the periphery

The Entrepreneur´s Guide to Customer Development

A lean startup business should find its core (business model), then build the structure (engineering) around it.